AS Written Communications believes in the power of the story. 
This is the story of its principal, Amy K. Spach:

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When professionals and organizations need persuasive written material, they turn to Amy Spach and AS Written Communications for custom Web content, articles and marketing and public relations materials. 

AS Written Communications provides the right words to strengthen the online, print and public presence of firms, companies and individuals.   

Amy’s able to reach an audience that demands information in an instant.  Applying her understanding of corporate and legal environments, Amy’s writing focuses on helping her clients send the right message to their clients. 
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Amy Spach has presented the stories of royalty and real estate developers, artists and trial advocates. A former NBC News producer, she brings a journalist’s curiosity and sensibilities to the content she creates.

She has an extensive client following among law firms and attorneys.   Other industries she writes for include real estate, communications, public relations, marketing, nonprofits, art, human resources, education, and e-commerce.  

Her work has been published in the Los Angeles Times, Daily Journal, Strategies and Leadership Exchange.   Among the clients she collaborates with are law firms of all sizes, luxury property developers, communications boutiques, and professional service firms.    
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Some people hire a copywriter to define their message.

Others know what they want to say but are overwhelmed by the task.

Everybody desires quality, expressive material delivered creatively. On deadline and on budget. That’s what AS Written Communications provides. 

Amy’s writing establishes a client’s voice and image to the outside world.  To achieve this, she listens, asks questions, listens some more, researches, asks more questions, listens and then writes.  

There’s much listening, synthesizing, understanding and trust in the business writer-client relationship. 

The process should be personal, stimulating and overwhelmingly enjoyable whenever possible. 

Equally conversant with firm leaders, web developers, marketing directors and graphic artists, Amy tailors her engagement to the needs of each client and the demands of the project.
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AS Written Communications is based in Los Angeles and serves clients across the country.

Amy Spach’s geographic background includes an East Coast upbringing and a long-time West Coast residency.  Having lived in Canada and Great Britain and traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East, she believes the world is her oyster, no matter the season.  She brings an international awareness to her work.  
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Amy Spach established AS Written Communications as the World Wide Web became a must-have business tool. Her career as a marketing communications writer represents the natural evolution of her media experience covering many important events and complex issues of the time.

After graduating with a political science degree from McGill University in Montreal, she landed her first job at NBC News’ “TODAY” program in New York. She quickly worked her way up the editorial ladder to a position as a field producer in NBC’s London bureau.

Reporting extensively through Europe and the Middle East, she covered stories as wide ranging as the escapades of the British royal family, the fall of communism and the rise of terrorism.

Marriage and motherhood motivated her move to Los Angeles and a change in her professional focus. As the product of a lawyer-filled family, Amy found the challenging world of law a good fit.  Luckily law firms agreed.

Soon, her marketing communication skills were in demand by other high performance business professionals in web development, education, communications and real estate.

Her involvement in professional organizations includes serving as an active member of the Legal Marketing Association and on the LA Chapter’s board of directors for three years.